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Logos have always been important for businesses, establishing their identity and helping them stand out from the competitions. However, many entrepreneurs still don’t give too much attention to logos when they start working on their business branding. They think that logos primarily matter to conglomerates and multinational enterprises that have to identify themselves across various markets in different regions.

However, that’s not the case anymore, especially after the advent and popularity of digital marketing, where small and large businesses get an equal opportunity to promote themselves. Now, many SMEs have strong brand identities and are well-known among their target audience by their logos and slogans.

Did you know that the first-ever registered and trademarked logo was made 144 years ago? It was for an English brewery called Bass Brewery. The logo consists of a red triangle with “Bass” written below it in a cursive font.

In short, a logo is essential for any business brand, irrespective of its scale, scope, and sector. If you want to find out the exact reasons why logos are important in any branding exercise, keep reading this article. We are going to discuss five points in this regard.

1) Logo Is the Face of Your Brand

We know that this heading sounds pretty clichéd. But we can’t help it, that’s how it is. Just ask yourself: is a symbol of a bitten apple just a symbol, or does it remind billions of people of the world’s first trillion-dollar tech company? Similarly, a black checkmark of a certain style and typography represents the world’s leading apparel and footwear brand.

There are many such examples where a simple logo has become the face of a business. Even if a business is not on at the scale of Apple or Nike, it is still known among its target audience by its logo. For instance, several NYC-based streetwear brands only operate in the city. However, they still boast stunning logos that have become their primary identity.

So, you need to have a logo for your business, especially if it’s in the budding phase. This will make your initial promotional outings more meaningful and yielding.

2) Logo Helps You in Creating Consistency and Homogeneity

Gone are the days when people would learn about a business from a flyer or a newspaper advertisement. The digital world has revolutionized the means of accessibility, and that has also changed how businesses market themselves. Now, a company tries to reach out to its potential customers through print ads, TV commercials, and all various channels of digital media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For brands, digital media has opened many promotional avenues. Audiences see hundreds of ads every day across different platforms. In such a saturated space, a business has to create consistency and homogeneity with its brand to hold any ground in customers’ perception.

This is only possible if you have professionals designing a stunning logo, which you can then rubber stamp everywhere. Your Facebook page, your Twitter handle, Your Instagram profile— all must be synchronized with the same logo.

If you are not using a single pictorial vector and replicating it across all promotional channels, you won’t be able to develop a good recall value for your business brand.

3) Logo Connects You with the Audience

Sight is probably the strongest sense of humans in terms of its cognitive effect. We tend to memorize things by seeing them. We revel in the beauty of landscapes, shapes, and faces because of their visual stimulus. In a customer-business relationship, visual data plays an integral role. People determine if a business is high-end or a budget brand by looking at its outlet.

Similarly, both online and offline ambiance of an enterprise creates a healthy view of customers’ minds. A logo also plays an essential role in establishing that visual connection. The colors and shapes that a logo represents work at a psychological level. Several entrepreneurship and marketing studies suggest that more than 90% of buying decisions are based on visual perception.

Some studies also suggest that nearly 7 out of 10 people gravitate towards a brand due to the color that represents it. With an attractive logo draped in well-thought-out gradients of different colors, you can create a deeper connection with customers.

4) Logo Helps in Authenticating a Brand

Logos also connect somewhere to the reputation of a brand. When a business continues to excellent good services and products, its logo becomes a symbol of trust and quality. The success of a brand and its logo reaches its peak when others try to copy its design and color scheme.

One recent example is Microsoft Edge, a new internet browser from the Redmond-based tech giant. Many people believe that FireFox’s logo heavily inspired the logo of Edge, and that this was a deliberate move from Microsoft to borrow the authenticity of the more widely known browser.

Whether this is true or not, it goes to show that sometimes a logo indeed becomes so influential that it starts representing an entire sector and industry.

5) Logos Bind Employees and Help in Establishing a Community

With all its outward benefits, the logo also entails inward benefits for a business. When a business becomes a success, its logo becomes an emblem of pride for all its employees and stakeholders. With more success, a company’s logo becomes its employees’ shared identity. People like to boast company merchandise emblazoned with their employer’s logo and slogan. This doesn’t just create a strong work community but also helps the business to spread its wings further. If you are just starting and need a winning logo for your business, get in touch with Business Marketing Solutions Group. Besides creating your business logo and designing the website, its experts can help your enterprise devise its customized social media strategy.

The company can also manage your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for more engagement and to deliver better customer/user experience.

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