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Construction marketing is always different from the regular promotional strategies used for selling products and services. Here, you will have to show resolve with your marketing efforts to build an audience that might not convert immediately. However, they are your potential customers who are more likely to hire you than anyone else for any expert construction job.

Whether you have a large construction company with a dedicated marketing team or are working with limited resources, there is a way to gradually and organically build an audience. In this blog, we will discuss what measures you have to take to build an audience for your construction business. These marketing efforts will go a long way in consolidating your position in a competitive construction sector.

Your Website and Social Media Platforms Must Always Offer Something Valuable

The first rule for building an audience for your construction business is that you have to exhibit patience. You can’t grow an audience overnight and convert it into clients in the same stroke. It is a gradual process that takes time and where you need to provide a lot of value to users without expecting anything in return. For instance, your website and social media accounts should offer every visitor value without terms and conditions.

You can set up a blog to impart useful information regarding the construction business. People research a lot before hiring a construction service, and these blogs should help all those looking to find answers to different questions. Similarly, your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts should post useful tips and relevant news articles that must offer informational value to those following your page.

This value addition doesn’t just increase user engagement but eventually also help in improving the website’s ranking and visibility on search engines.

Focus on Video Content and Get Creative

Do you know that nearly one-third of all the internet activity is about watching videos?

Therefore, video content is crucial for all sorts of promotions, let alone construction marketing. The importance of video content in construction marketing increases manifold because it has a lot to with the visual profile of the product/service being delivered. You can make short videos of the construction projects you have completed with attractive slow-mo and drone shots and post them online. People love to see such videos even if they are not looking for a construction company’s expertise. In other words, these videos can build a large audience for your company.

Moreover, you can start a show/series with topics and issues centered on different construction topics. With YouTube and features like Facebook and Instagram Live, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and resources to broadcast such a show. Make sure these shows are informative and have a tinge of light humor. The right balance of both these attributes will earn you a dedicated audience. Also, try to invite industry experts and interview them in these shows to add more value and depth to them.

Partner with Other Businesses

A construction company doesn’t work in isolation. It works with a host of other contractors to complete a project. Teaming up with those contractors in your marketing effort makes for mutual benefit. What about having a joint promotion that also includes the plumbing and electrical contractors you are working with? This way, all three enterprises can get access to the collective audience that will be bigger than all the individual consumer bases.

Reviews and Testimonials Should Be Optimized

We can’t stress enough how important reviews and testimonials are for the reputation of a construction company. Keep in mind that even if a user is regularly visiting your website and consuming your content, they will only keep coming back if they know that you are a reliable construction business with a sizeable base of satisfied consumers.

Therefore, a construction company needs to reiterate its trust equation with its consumer base via reviews and testimonials and then effectively put them across on the web. These are some measures you should take to streamline the review and testimonial side of the promotion.

  • Always put a couple of client reviews and testimonials on the home page of your website
  • Keep checking the status of your Google Reviews, Yelp Page, and Angie’s List to make sure positive comments and reviews are leading the way.
  • If possible, shoot customer testimonial videos and put and promote them across your social media fronts.

Boast the Human Side of Your Business

People are already quite skeptical and apprehensive when they look for a construction company online. Since construction works involve a lot of investment and clients have already heard so many frightening anecdotes regarding poor construction services and sunken investments, you may need to proactively work to earn the trust of a visitor to convert them into an audience and a potential lead.

While customers and reviews are of great help in this regard, they alone may not be enough. Also, in a competitive market, where more than a single business is displaying an equal number of good reviews and testimonials, users might look elsewhere to trust one construction company more than the other. This other aspect could be the human side of a company.

A company that boasts its workforce and brings them into limelight fares better than the one that doesn’t have any human face to it. You can present your team along with their short introductory videos on your website and social media accounts. When you expose a more human side of your company, it helps people feel more connected and entrust you with any required construction work.

If you want to get your construction company a bigger audience on the digital medium, get in touch with Business Marketing Solutions Group. From designing the logo of your construction company to promote your PR activities and manage your social media accounts, it can assist you in your audience-building efforts.

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