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Gone are the days when TV and billboard ads were the marketing goals for emerging brands. Where they used to dream of the possibility of being on people’s screens before, their dreams are now a very viable reality. For this, the virtual world is responsible.

Social media has made it much easier for brands to make themselves visible in the market quicker than was ever possible. As soon as start-ups begin making plans they create social media accounts as one of the first steps. But what exactly is it that makes some online presences stronger than another? To help you establish your brand online, let us outline everything you need to do!

Set Goals

After acknowledging that being online is imperative for the growth of your business, you need to take that first step to get started. Get a notebook, or an organizing app, and make a detailed plan. You need to make it descriptive and succinct, so itemize your long term and short term goals and make sure your vision is shining through. Write down the aims and objectives while planning how you want to achieve them.

For example, you could say that you want your Facebook page to have 500 more followers by the end of next month. The long-term goal could be to have a large community of followers on Facebook that interact with your content. When goals are set and steps broken down into actionable things in this way, it becomes much easier to attain and brings a sense of confidence.

Focus on SEO

For businesses just starting out, visibility and exposure are the two best possible things. One of the techniques that can bring them to you is search engine optimization. Google uses certain algorithms to ascertain what WebPages should be displayed on top when certain keywords are searched.

You can learn some SEO tricks on your own but since it is a more technical aspect of content creation, it is best left to expert marketers. You can outsource your digital marketing to a professional agency to get the most out of it.

Consider Ads

SEO techniques, like all marketing tactics, take some time to catch on. In the meantime, it may be a good idea to look into ads. You can approach Google Ads so your website can be bumped up. Not only that, but every popular social media avenue offers to host ads for businesses. This makes it even easier to target ads towards relevant audiences.

Different social media have a varying user-base which makes ads even better targeted at individuals that are most likely to be interested in your service or product. For this reason, ads deserve some looking into.

Create Value

Creating value is not a single task that you need to perform. It is rather a result of many different acts stitched together. Being consistent in your behaviors and posts alike will add value to your brand, as will the quality of your services. Along with customer service, all three aspects combined can add tremendous worth to your name. Your start-up has to appear credible and reliable for the successful branding of your business.

Focus on Fewer Avenues

If you take on the responsibility of managing several accounts at once, it can backfire on you pretty badly. In the beginning, it is a better idea to focus on fewer social media avenues so you can promise them your full attention.

If you don’t want to start slow, hiring a professional marketing service can do you a favor. You can also look into another blog post where we detail all the steps you need to take to manage multiple social media accounts.

Comment and Engage

One quick tip we can give you here is to be an active presence if you want to be visible. The more you interact and engage with the customers commenting on your content. Whether they have a query or an appreciative word, make sure they hear back from you. Your attention matters to your customers; make the most of this by showering it on them!

Offer Impeccable Customer Service

If you want to stay in the customers’ minds, give them something to remember you by. Often, impeccable customer service is one way to do that. Apologize for mistakes, offer discounts, and be polite. Your aim should be to value the customers who have chosen your brand out of hundreds of other options.

Keep a Check

It is not enough to just follow these techniques without looking back. Do more than that by analyzing statistics, looking at results, matching performance with goals, and taking notes. Every time you tweak something in your strategy based on something you observed, your brand will take another step forward in establishing its online presence.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue- this proverb applies quite a bit when building an online presence for your brand. Keeping a check is necessary, yes, but a patient and positive outlook are also essential. When introducing a new campaign or strategy, give it plenty of time to work its magic. Slow and steady will definitely win the race in this case!

If you are a start-up that is looking to build their online presence, professional services would not be the worst idea to consider. With consultation from the Business Marketing Solutions Group, you can go from clueless to being driven in no time! Contact us with details of your business and we will be happy to help.

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